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How Are Fluoropolymers Used by the Automotive Industry to Enhance Efficiency and Sustainability


Research and Markets recently released a report on the global fluoropolymer market that showed serious growth in the next seven years. According to the Dublin-based market research firm, the global fluoropolymer market was worth $7.39 billion in 2016. They anticipate that the market will reach $11.7 billion, growing at CAGR 6% during the seven-year period.


In addition to the solar and aerospace industries, one of the biggest growth factors for the fluoropolymer market has been the automotive industry. This is so for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, there are the increasing environmental regulations. In addition to that, there are consumer expectations for performance and durability.


The automotive industry is well-known for its changing technology. Our team here at Fluorotherm has worked to stay on top of these technology advancements to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction. Fluoropolymers have been used for various parts of the engine to improve performance and durability.


For example, a vehicle’s power train has significantly changed as engines get smaller, regulations get stricter, and vehicles are expected to last longer. All of these factors contribute to higher temperatures that require chemical resistant and temperature resistant seals. Fluoropolymer tubing seal and protect parts from high temperatures and dangerous chemicals that could affect their ability to function.


Now, this is only one aspect of the vehicle. In the fuel system, fluoropolymers are used for the fuel hose and other components to protect against evaporative vapors and provide thermal and chemical resistance. In the transmission system, fluoropolymers are used for sealing materials against high temperatures. Finally, fluoropolymers are significantly used in vehicle electrical systems for cabling and wiring insulation. Wires and cables are coming in contact with higher temperatures as well, which makes temperature resistance crucial to prevent overheating and even fires.


Fluorotherm has worked with various automotive manufacturers to create fluoropolymer tubing and other components to meet the ever changing demands in the industry today and into the future. Fluorotherm’s line of products for the auto industry includes PTFE tubing, which is often used for wire insulation and fluid flow transference. Other products used for the automotive industry include fluoropolymer rods, monofilament and more.


As the trends in the automotive industry change, you can expect Fluorotherm to be right there leading the charge to create more dependability and sustainability in the auto industry.

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