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Fluorotherm™ is one of the top suppliers for fluoropolymer solutions in the automotive industry. The automotive market is increasingly demanding high performance polymers due to fundamental changes in design. This market has been driven largely by space and performance to weight ratio considerations. Fluorotherm™ continues to develop fluoropolymer and other performance polymer products to meet the high temperature, chemical stability and other property requirements of this market.

Fluorotherm™ continues to work with automotive customers in identifying and developing products with new materials. Whether it is fluoropolymers that act as protective sheaths in high-temperature areas, PTFE fuel hoses or abrasion resistant cable liners - Fluorotherm™ has the solutions the automotive industry needs!

As the automotive industry changes, Fluorotherm™ keeps pace! We are constantly developing new solutions that can accommodate the increased demand of performance and reliability. Our wide range of products that can be applied to the automotive industry include fluoropolymer tubing, fluoropolymer rods, monofilament and more. Our skilled and experienced team members are constantly developing new and innovative fluoropolymer products with many of them bringing knowledge from well-known fluoropolymer manufacturers such as DuPont and Norton.

Some of the most common types of products used in the automotive industry includes PTFE tubing, which features numerous benefits. PTFE tubing is a great for electrical wire insulators, fluid flow transference and carries a high temperature use of 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius).

If you are interested in fluoropolymer solutions for your automotive needs, a Fluorotherm™ representative would be more than happy to discuss the options available. Please contact us by calling 1(877)777-2629 today!