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Fluorotherm™ heat exchangersFluorotherm™ is proud to offer both immersion and shell and tube categories of fluoropolymer heat exchangers. Each category contains many custom designs that can be fitted to virtually any environment. Whether you're in need of a heat exchanger for space heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, chemical plants, petroleum refineries, or the processing of natural gas, Fluorotherm™'s heat exchangers can meet your needs. Our heat exchanger designs reflect the highest level of innovation and ingenuity to ensure uniform heat exchanges and exceptional ease of use, and our team of expert engineers are further equipped with the skills and insight to provide customized heat exchanger solutions to meet your specific needs. Customers will also find that our heat exchangers provide lower cost of use and better operational efficiency as compared to heat exchangers from other manufacturers. We also rely on the highest grades of fluoropolymer tubing. With over 40 years of expertise in the design of fluoropolymer heat exchangers, we'll be proud to serve your application.

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