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The environmental industry is extremely important in this day of age because preserving and monitoring the world around us is at the utmost importance. The environmental market encompasses air, water and soil monitoring as well as sampling above and below ground. Above ground applications include air, surface water and soils. The vast amount of air pollutants, chemical fluids (from consumer, commercial and industrial sources), naturally occurring hazards such as low level radioactivity, down hole operations in mining and other areas have spawned a vast increase market segment.

Fluorotherm™ FEP, PTFE, PVDF and PFA tubing products are non-leaching and therefore retain the sample integrity from source to collection and testing. High purity PFA tubing is also available for sample collection where fluorides may be involved. These fluoropolymer tubing solutions provide the environmental industry with a reliable method of obtaining accurate samples and monitoring efforts due to the features and benefits of fluoropolymers.

PTFE tubing has an almost universal chemical resistance, making it the standard go-to fluoropolymer. Like mentioned above, FEP tubing products can also be extremely beneficial to the environmental industry as it's the cost-effective sibling of PTFE. FEP has a working pressure that is 30% higher than PTFE and features transparent walls with a use temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit (~230 degrees Celsius). Additionally, FEP tubing is great for water disinfection and environmental applications.

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