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Heat Shrink Tubing

heat shrinking tubing imageCurrently, Fluorotherm™ offers FEP 1.3:1 shrink ratio tubing and FEP roll covers. FEP in these sizes is among the most popular heat shrink tubing product used for snug, protective jacketing for metal or other parts that are exposed to adverse, aggressive environments such as corrosion, chemicals, moisture and impact. The wide use of FEP heat shrink tubing over PTFE or PFA is due to its lower shrink temperature than either of those materials, as well as for its ease of installation.

The appropriate size of heat shrink tubing is selected based on the closest size that's smaller than the largest dimension of the product to be covered. The expanded ID for the selected tubing size is large enough so that the largest dimension of the product can fit inside the tubing. There may be an occasional overlap of sizes, where 2 consecutive sizes may work. Application of heat for a short time (using a heat gun, hair dryer) over the length from one end to the other is an adequate way to uniformly shrink the tubing quickly without wrinkles. Learn more about FEP heat shrink tubing sizes on our Heat-Shrink Sizing page

Industries Using Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing finds widespread use across various industries and business types due to its versatile properties and applications. In the electronics industry, heat shrink tubing is extensively employed for insulation, bundling, and protection of electrical components, cables, and wires. For instance, it's utilized to insulate wire splices and connections in electrical wiring harnesses, ensuring electrical safety and reliability.

Another notable application is in the automotive sector, where heat shrink tubing is utilized for wire harnessing, corrosion protection, and sealing purposes. Specifically, it's commonly used to protect automotive wiring connections from moisture, chemicals, and abrasion in vehicles' engine compartments or undercarriages.

Heat shrink tubing is also commonly used in aerospace and telecommunications industries for cable management, strain relief, and environmental sealing in harsh operating conditions. Overall, the versatility and reliability of heat shrink tubing make it indispensable across industries where protection, insulation, and reliability are paramount.

Applications of Fluorotherm™ FEP Heat Shrink Tubing include:

  • Protective covers in corrosive environments
  • Shielding over electrical connections and terminals
  • Abrasion protection over hydraulic hose and couplings
  • Anti-fouling barrier on chemical, paint and food industry equipment
  • Electrical insulation over wire bundles
  • Light duty bearing surfaces
  • Cable jacketing
  • Covers on temperature probes
  • Covers on heat exchanger
  • Roll covers
  • Chafing sleeves or protective covers on wood, plastic and metal parts
  • Identification marking protector

Heat Shrinking Methods for FEP Heat Shrink Tubing


  • Shrink temperature of FEP is 177°C (350°F)
  • Melt Temperature of FEP is 275°C to 295°C (525°F to 563°F)
  • Continuous Maximum Service Temperature of FEP is 288°C (550°F)

Oven (Not generally recommended for large parts such as rollers):

  • Parts may be introduced into a cold or hot oven.
  • Uniform application of heat is essential to prevent wrinkling

Heat Gun:

  • Parts may be done one at a time
  • Uniform shrinkage can be obtained by rotating the part during the heat application process
  • Best method for shrinking roll covers

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