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Technical Information

Materials Overview

Fluorotherm™ offers a variety of fluoropolymer and proprietary materials that can be applied in a numerous industries. With decades of combined experience, our products can fit your needs in a variety of applications. See the links below for our current offering and technical information. You will come across a plethora of helpful information regarding each specific fluoropolymer, which can help you decide the best product for your specific application. On top of that, our experts can provide you with recommendations and quotes.

Some of the information presented will give you the manufacturing process of each fluoropolymer and the chemical qualities. You will learn about which chemicals our products are inert to, whether it is organic, inorganic or another chemical. Furthermore, you will find out the thermal qualities and can decide which fluoropolymer will withstand the temperature range you need to apply it to.

Additionally, we provide you with crucial information on the electrical, UV, radiation, wear and friction qualities. As an added benefit, you will also find a short list of real-world applications and if you need further assistance, please contact us by calling 1(877)777-2629.

For more information about our fluoropolymer products and offerings, check out our downloadable Product Brochures to learn more.