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Heavy Industry

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Fluorotherm™ heat exchangers are widely used in the steel, metals processing and mining industries. This market segment includes zinc, aluminum, and copper ore refining, galvanizing and similar industries where reactive chemicals are used to clean, pickle or treat components. Metals processing applications involve hot acid treatment and transfer.

We off two different categories of heat exchangers to better serve our customers. Whether it's immersion or shell and tube, our fluoropolymer heat exchangers can provide you with the performance you need. Both categories can be custom designed that can essentially be fitted and applied to any environment. Some common applications include space heating, air conditioning, chemical plants, the processing of natural gas, refrigeration, petroleum refiners or chemical plants. The overall manufacturing process and design of our heat exchangers provide you with uniform heat exchanges, easy use and a low price.

Fluorotherm™’s products are well established in these types of heavy industry applications. Oil field and tar sands oil recovery specify our corrosion resistant products such as heat-shrink tubing. The combination of high temperature and chemically aggressive environments dictates the use of Fluorotherm™’s high performance polymer products. The heat shrink tubing, FEP, provides users with a 1.3:1 shrink ratio and FEP roll covers, giving you ultimate versatility. They are ideal when a snug, protective jacketing for metal and other parts are in corrosive and adverse environments.

To learn more about what type of fluoropolymer products we offer for heavy industry use, please contact us and we would be more than happy to provide you with more information.