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Tubing Brochure 

Tubing Sizes 

Immersion Heat Exchangers Brochure 

Immersion Heat Exchangers Data Sheet 

Ultrapure Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 


White Paper on Corrosion Resistant Immersion Coil Heat Exchangers

Available Newsletters in PDF format

July 2009 
In This Issue
"Technical Issue:
Fluoropolymer Chemical Resistance Safety and Handling" (Read more)

June 2009 
In This Issue
Fluorotherm™'s 35 Year History of Quality Heat Exchangers
Fluorotherm™ at the (Scent) Opera (Read more)

May 2009 
In This Issue
PTFE vs PE Comparison (Read more)

April 2009 
In This Issue
Fluorotherm™ started out as a specialty manufacturer of fluoropolymer
products in 1992, under the aegis of Norton Performance Plastics, now St.
Gobain Performance Polymers. That was 16 years ago!
With a strong R&D background in fluoropolymers, gained by our key
people during their employment with DuPont; we have continued to
progress toward a wider product range to serve a broad range of
applications in diverse markets. (Read more)

March 2009 
In This Issue
Beginning this month we would like to selectively pick one of the unique characteristics of fluoropolymers and briefly elaborate on the reasons why they are the materials of choice versus other polymers for specific applications.

January 2009 
In This Issue
Recap of Fluorotherm™'s 2008 Developments
- New Production Facilities
- Fluorotherm™'s Weblog
- Membership in the Society of the Plastics Industry
- New Products : Heat Exchangers, Tubing, Fluoropolymer Fabrications

October 2008 
In This Issue
- Fluorotherm™'s NEW PRODUCT: Corrosion Resistant, Load-Bearing Rods
- Colored Tubing

September 2008 
In This Issue
- Thermally Conductive H2 and FEP Tubing
- Fluorotherm's Fabrications: Customized Coils
- Fluorotherm's New Weblog

August 2008 
In This Issue
- Fluorotherm™'s Products Aid in Green Technology
- FEP and PTFE: Back to Basics
- CTFE's High Tensile Strength

July 2008 
In This Issue
- Fluorotherm™'s New Location
- Higher Surface Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
- New PVDF Immersion Heat Exchanger
- APFO Free Tubing