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Expert Fluoropolymer Consulting Services

Fluorotherm® has been a leading manufacturer of high performing fluoropolymer products for over 20 years and we have built up a reputation based on high quality and affordability. Our robust portfolio of products is trusted by a loyal list of customers from all over the globe and we strive to stay on the forefront of innovation. With that said, we can provide you with expert fluoropolymer consulting services to build your product from the ground up.

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise of fluoropolymers spans over three decades and is unmatched in our industry. The unique, high quality of fluoropolymer consulting services derive from a hands-on approach with advanced equipment processes and product development as well as marketing experience in a wide range of areas. These areas include Research and Development, Production and Marketing – all with proven results within DuPont’s erstwhile Fluoropolymers (Teflon®) Division.

Service Areas


  1. Materials selection among high performance polymers include - PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, PCTFE, PEEK and other polymers
  2. Identifying the appropriate high performance candidates for your application
  3. Developing test protocols, mapping and interpreting test results in order to uncover a match with performance criteria
  4. Formulating blends to provide specific product features, such as increased flexibility, conductivity, high temperature resistance etc., based on the available pool of standard materials
  5. Run extrusion and flat molding samples as part of a product development plan of action
  6. Design product profile to meet manufacturability and product design goals


Thermal & Electrical Conductivity

  1. Heat transfer products that operate in chemically aggressive environments at high temperatures and under cryogenic conditions
  2. Identify conductivity enhancing fillers with consideration of shape factors, chemical and physical structures, and isoforms that are compatible with the matrix of the base polymer
  3. Processing technologies to maximize the intended impact of filler
  4. Optimize formulation of blends to achieve the best balance of native component properties utilizing a predictive theoretical approach combined with field runs to produce samples



  1. Working with clients, by leveraging Fluorotherm™’s vast experience in fluoropolymer consulting services, to identify applications and markets for product concepts
  2. Assist client’s team in developing product introduction strategies, including pricing
  3. Represent and/or co-market products subject to a business agreement, if any, with Fluorotherm® Polymers Inc
  4. Follow through, as a consultant or as an active partner, on the product usage, performance and life cycle of product
  5. Participate with the client, in industry shows, and through customer and industry presentations, to introduce novelty in product, and applications


Service Options

Fluorotherm™ Polymers Inc. participates in many ways with clients, as detailed below.

  1. “Consulting Only” engagement – Support based on Fluorotherm™’s own proprietary and available prior knowledge based on an hourly consulting rate.
  2. Process Development Consulting – Assistance in developing and/or proving a manufacturing process for a new or modified product. Charges are based on an hourly consulting fee and a separate equipment usage time (if Fluorotherm™’s facilities are used).
  3. Product Sourcing – if Fluorotherm® is the intended supplier of the product to the client, the hourly consulting fee will apply to the time expended by Fluorotherm™ up to the time when the first sale of product occurs to the client.
  4. A joint product and market development, where responsibility and ownership of the product is allocated in a separate business agreement.

For details on fluoropolymer consulting service, please contact Fluorotherm™ Polymers Inc. at An NDA (non-disclosure agreement) between all parties is required in most cases.

Additionally, you may contact us directly with any questions about our wide range of services and fluoropolymer products by calling 1(877)777-2629.

Fluorotherm® is a trademark of Fluorotherm™ Polymers Inc.

Teflon® is a trademark of the Chemours Company. Chemours Company was formed in 2015, as a spinoff from the DuPont Company.