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Fluoropolymer Tubing

Thermally Conductive H2 Tubing

A proprietary product, H2TMConductive Tubing is the result of a special formula of FEP and PFA resin that has around 2.7-times higher heat conductivity than PTFE, ETFE, or regular FEP or PFA.

It can be used in a variety of applications for dust and particulate control, electrical discharge, and where thermal dissipation is required. Product performance depends upon the specific application conditions, but the mechanical properties, such as working pressure, are equal to or better than its natural fluoropolymer tubing counterparts.

Since plastics have a lower thermal conductivity than most metals, they are perceived to be relatively inefficient for heat transfer. However, metals suffer from the disadvantage of low corrosion resistance to many solvents and liquids (including sea water, in marine applications) and excessive weight. A brand new metal heat exchanger works well as long as the metal surface is clean. In real life industrial environments, factors such as corrosion, etching and particulates, coat the metal surfaces. This phenomenon reduces the conductivity of the metal surface, and that new metal exchanger no longer has the originally rated thermal efficiency. Over time, this results in target temperatures not being achieved and in poor temperature control.

 Some exotic alloys such as Columbium, Titanium and Tantalum offer high but selective corrosion resistance, unlike fluoropolymers which have nearly universal resistance to chemical attack (resistance to most chemicals).

Fluorotherm® conductive tubing is formulated specifically to address the above problems. This tubing has been used successfully since 1996, and is available in FEP and PFA. The non-stick, and low friction coefficient properties of FEP and PFA make them highly preferred materials over metals and metal alloys. Besides the traditional applications, newer ones include electric batteries, solar power and plant greenhouses. The need for Fluorotherm™’s conductive tubing is driven in these cases by the requirement for chemical resistance, ease of fabrication, non-stick property, and useful life.

Manufacturing industries utilize this product for safety reasons where dust can be a hazard or for process reasons where particulate control and precipitation are required. The ultra smooth tubing surface and non-stick characteristics help impede the undesirable build up of particles. The mechanical strength and high temperature capability of this tubing makes it the material of choice for transporting hot fluids, including water and steam.

Key Properties

  • Proprietary fluoropolymer based on FEP and PFA resins with an extremely smooth tubing surface
  • Approximately 2.7-times higher thermal conductivity than PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE and most other polymers
  • Excellent anti-static properties for the prevention of dust accumulation
  • Great for applications where dust and particulate control are a priority
  • Mechanical properties, including working pressure, equal to or better than the natural tubing counterparts

*Manufactured by Fluorotherm™ in the USA, it is dark gray in color.