Aerospace Applications of Fluoropolymers |



applications of fluoropolymers in aerospace

Aerospace applications demand high-performance fluoropolymers that offer property retention under a wide range of temperatures and exposure to specialty fuels that may be chemically aggressive and that could erode other common construction materials. The aerospace industry also relies on fluoropolymers because they are far lighter than other materials that could be used for aerospace construction. Less weight improves the agility and speed of aerospace craft and reduces needed fuel quantities. Aerospace companies also turn to fluoropolymers because in this industry, performance can't be compromised; fluoropolymer is the only material that provides the high temperature use, chemical inertness, resistance to abrasion, and non-leaching capabilities needed for consistent performance.

The staff at Fluorotherm™ offers a unique depth of technical knowledge regarding fluoropolymer products that must meet such demanding requirements. Our technical support includes selection of appropriate materials or blends to meet specific performance standards, such as flexibility, without loss of abrasion resistance.

Fluorotherm™ continues to identify, develop and test new materials or specific formulations of existing high performance polymers in order to support aerospace applications.

If your aerospace application could benefit from one of our fluoropolymer products, request a quote and we'll be in touch shortly.