Why PTFE Tubing Is the Tubing of Choice for Many Medical Device Manufacturers

  Medical device manufacturers are constantly looking to improve their device designs to increase their performance levels. There are a number of different trends in the medical device industry that manufacturers will have to consider when bringing a product to market. One of the most common trends in the medical device industry is to connect…
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Is Fluoropolymer-Coated Cookware Safe?

There are so many old wives’ tales in the kitchen that it can be difficult to determine which ones have some merit and which ones are completely bogus. For example, did you hear about the one that says you shouldn’t cook with aluminum cookware because it can cause Alzheimer’s disease? As of the writing of…
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PVDF’s Important Role in Food Processing Applications

      Have you ever wondered how food is packaged and sealed once it has been grown and harvested? When we talk about food processing, we are talking about the cooking, mixing, packaging, and transportation of food and beverages. Given the amount of food and the speed by with they go through the various…
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