Why Are Catheters Lined with PTFE?

  If you have ever been to the hospital before for a surgery, you might have been catheterized. A catheter is used for a wide variety of different medical applications. One is urinary incontinence. If a patient is unable to control his/her bladder or can’t urinate on his/her own, the doctor will order a catheterization…
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Why Are Wires Insulated with FEP Tubing?

  All around us there are wires and cables that power our electronics, connect us to the internet, and more. In order to protect these wires and cables and prevent an adverse event, insulation is needed. But you might ask what kind of materials can you use for insulation that will protect the integrity of…
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Why PTFE Tubing Is the Tubing of Choice for Many Medical Device Manufacturers

  Medical device manufacturers are constantly looking to improve their device designs to increase their performance levels. There are a number of different trends in the medical device industry that manufacturers will have to consider when bringing a product to market. One of the most common trends in the medical device industry is to connect…
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