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lab and scientific uses for fluoropolymer tubing

Laboratory instrumentation is a diverse market comprised of equipment designed to meet all kinds of test requirements. Examples include NMR, other spectroscopy instruments, gas and liquid flow measurement devices, and many other sampling and analysis equipment. Fluorotherm™'s fluoropolymer tubing and lab scale heat exchangers provide the corrosion resistance and thermal stability properties required in these applications. In addition, the unsurpassed chemical inertness of Fluorotherm™ products makes them the products of choice in these environments.

Applications used by science companies and research labs also rely on exceptional purity to prevent contamination when storing or transporting liquids, and purity is essential for highly-accurate test results. Unlike other common materials, which can be vulnerable to harboring impurities or which can leach, fluoropolymers like PTFE and PFA guarantee that the integrity of an application's content or the application structure itself is never compromised. This level of purity ensures that pharmaceutical companies, academic research labs, and other organizations related to science can always meet necessary standards for laboratory instrumentation.

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