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The Definitive Guide to Heat Shrink Tubing

As the name suggests, Fluorotherm’s heat shrink tubing is a thermoplastic tube that constricts (i.e., shrinks) when exposed to high temperatures. The aptly named component protects the sensitive parts of mechanisms, and it is most commonly used around individual wires or even bundles of them. Thanks to the versatility and ease of use of heat…
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Fluorotherm: Expert Provider of Fluoropolymer Consulting Services

Fluorotherm, the leading manufacturer of high-quality fluoropolymer products, has been in the industry for more than two decades. Having built up a solid reputation based on performance and affordability, the company's product portfolio is trusted by a long and loyal customer list. The team boasts in-depth knowledge and expertise on a wide range of fluoropolymers,…
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Heat Shrink Tubing – An Industrial Staple

Also referred to as electrical shrink tubing, heat shrink tubing is a typical and vital component in most electrical setups. Heat shrink tubing is important for any electrical array because it protects electronic systems from damaged cables and electrical components caused by external contaminants. These include sharp objects, moisture, abrasion, and dust. These damages will…
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Versatile – High-Performance – Game-Changing

Fluorotherm shell and tube heat exchangers are used to transfer heat between two fluids. They are commonly used in applications where one fluid needs to be heated or cooled in a controlled environment, such as in chemical processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing. These devices are constructed from highly durable fluoropolymer materials and designed to be easily…
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