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A Look into The Future of The Global Fluoropolymer Industry

2019 saw the fluoropolymer market reach a value of $7.7 billion. But with unexpected circumstances in 2020, has the industry suffered at all? And what is the current outlook for the fluoropolymer industry? We answer all of that (and more) right here. COVID-19's Impact on The Fluoropolymer Sector We can't guess about the future of…
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Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Can Help Avoid Contamination

One of the biggest reasons the shell and tube heat exchangers market is in such a signficant state of growth right now is their use in essential medical devices. As the healthcare industry looks to rise to the challenges of a global pandemic, there’s a need for medical devices made of the highest quality materials.…
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Why So Many Industries Rely on PFTE Tubing

When dealing with critical applications, it is imperative that the proper tubing is utilized. PTFE tubing is relied on to transport fluids efficiently while protecting the integrity of the wiring. Our customers love PTFE tubing not only for its reliability but for its flexibility. PTFE tubing can be configured in different ways and customized for…
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