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Could Fluoropolymers Help Your Business Save Money?

  Over the years, we have highlighted how businesses from various industries could benefit from using fluoropolymers over plastics for tubing, heat transfer, and many other applications. Fluoropolymers are a polymer made of up of fluoride and carbon. You have probably heard of Teflon®, which is also known as PTFE. This fluoropolymer has the lowest…
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Tips for Preventing Gas Evaporation

  Do you find that you’re going through your gas quicker than you thought? It might not be something in your head. You may have an issue with gas evaporation. While gas evaporation is usually more of a problem in the hot summer months, it still does occur in the colder months as well, which…
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Why Are Catheters Lined with PTFE?

  If you have ever been to the hospital before for a surgery, you might have been catheterized. A catheter is used for a wide variety of different medical applications. One is urinary incontinence. If a patient is unable to control his/her bladder or can’t urinate on his/her own, the doctor will order a catheterization…
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