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Could Fluoropolymers Be the Future of the Common Bandage?

  NASA is working on a new type of bandage that can dramatically increase recovery time for those who are wounded. Most people know that blood flow is essential to the wound healing process. Heat is one way to increase the amount of blood flow to the skin. However, in many applications, access to warm…
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Why You Need To Upgrade To PTFE Tubing

PTFE is one of the most versatile fluoropolymers on the market and has a tremendous amount of applications that can be utilized in so many different industries. If you're using another type of compound or material, you need to look at the advantages that PTFE tubing offers. Read on to learn more about the benefits…
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Insights into PVDF Innovations

At Fluorotherm™, we're continually inspired and excited by new innovations; in fact, we're always pursuing new applications and uses for our products and find that the rise of emerging industries like green technology holds limitless possibilities for innovators. Our work with fluoropolymers, which are known for their unique properties and exceptional versatility, makes us well-positioned…
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