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Why So Many Industries Rely on PFTE Tubing

When dealing with critical applications, it is imperative that the proper tubing is utilized. PTFE tubing is relied on to transport fluids efficiently while protecting the integrity of the wiring. Our customers love PTFE tubing not only for its reliability but for its flexibility. PTFE tubing can be configured in different ways and customized for the intended job. Industry experts turn to PFTE tubing because of the resilient tubing’s ability to transfer fluids without being affected by different chemicals or friction. The unique properties of PTFE tubing make it one of the most popular tubing products in the world. Today, we will look at examples of PTFE tubing in action across varying industries.

Aircraft Industry – When dealing with airplanes, it is vital that a fluoropolymer like PTFE tubing is utilized. PTFE tubing is non-flammable, and the low friction coefficient allows the tubing to perform its duty under extreme conditions like high temperatures. The wiring and cables in an airplane need to remain secure in flight; and that’s why PTFE tubing is leveraged.

Automotive Industry – Car engines rely on PTFE tubing in order to assist with fuel evaporation. The low gas permeability of PTFE tubing makes it the perfect fit. The exceptional chemical resistance of our PTFE tubing is what makes it ideal for automotive applications.

Electrical Industry – The most obvious use of PTFE tubing comes in the electrical industry. PTFE tubing protects wires from cuts or friction. In addition to protecting against cuts, PTFE tubing can withstand the high temperatures that are often reached by the wires. In order to keep things sorted, PTFE tubing is often used in different colors in the electrical world.

Medical Industry – There are several different applications in the medical industry that lean on PTFE tubing. Consider earpieces, ventilators, drainage tubing and much, much more. Doctors who conduct biochemical analysis require Teflon and PTFE tubing.

Food Industry – A lot of people may consider PTFE tubing in the above industries but not consider PTFE tubing in the food industry. The most common usage of PTFE tubing in the food industry comes in the form of food processing. There are rollers that help move conveyor belts during the food processing process. These rollers are then wrapped in PTFE tubing.

Chemical Industry – The chemical industry often turns to PTFE tubing due its non-alkali nature. This is critical when tubes are entrusted with transferring fluids that could cause serious damage if they were to leak or breakthrough the tubing.

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