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The Advantages of ETFE Fluoropolymer Tubing

ETFE has been called a material of the future, and for good reason. Technically known as ethylene tetrafluoroethlyhene, ETFE functions as one of the most advanced variations of fluoropolymer, and in turn, presents individuals who work with it a variety of advantages. Though each of the seven fluoropolymers we specialize in here at Fluorotherm™ provide…
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Diverse Applications for Fluoropolymer Tubing

Fluoropolymers are unique among other plastics on the market for their versatility and unparalleled properties. Their ability to resist corrosion, withstand extreme temperatures, tolerate high amounts of electrical voltage, and provide non-stick surfaces have made them a suitable solution for products in a number of industries. Whether your company deals with metal finishing, chemical processes,…
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