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Tips for Preventing Gas Evaporation

  Do you find that you’re going through your gas quicker than you thought? It might not be something in your head. You may have an issue with gas evaporation. While gas evaporation is usually more of a problem in the hot summer months, it still does occur in the colder months as well, which…
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Is Fluoropolymer-Coated Cookware Safe?

There are so many old wives’ tales in the kitchen that it can be difficult to determine which ones have some merit and which ones are completely bogus. For example, did you hear about the one that says you shouldn’t cook with aluminum cookware because it can cause Alzheimer’s disease? As of the writing of…
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The Different Applications & Variations of Fluoropolymer Tubing

How familiar are you with fluoropolymer tubing? Did you know it has numerous applications or that there are several different variations of it? Well, today you're about to learn a little more about this special tubing because it is extremely versatile and used in a variety of ways! This type of tubing provides for a…
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Fluoropolymer Products: An Overview

Fluoropolymers are used in a vast array of industries and specific applications, and while this is primarily due to fluoropolymer's unparalleled properties, it's also due to its ability to manifest as a variety of products. At Fluorotherm™, we're able to accommodate our commercial customers with diverse fluoropolymer options to ensure that all systems and applications…
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