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Better fluid flow with Hybrid Heat Exchangers

Fluorotherm™ Polymers Inc., proudly announces the introduction of Fluorotherm® hybrid frame heat exchangers for ultrapure and aggressive chemical heating and cooling. This new product combines the best components and design geometry for efficient heat transfer. The design, evolved from decades of field experience, is driven by the need to inhibit particulate settling on, and fouling of heat transfer surfaces. These particles (sludge and precipitates) fall out from the chemical reactions that occur during metal treatment in mineral acids, in the form of oxides, sulfates, chlorides, phosphates and other materials.

The particle buildup over time, coats surfaces, or worse, causes serious damage to the heat exchanger, interrupting processes. At a minimum, this results in reduced heat transfer.

Exotic alloy metal heat exchangers are difficult to maintain due to rapid particulate, foulant or sludge build up during use. They are also expensive to repair. The hybrid design eliminates flat surfaces upon which the salts can settle. In addition, the materials of construction have a much lower surface energy surface than metal or other plastics, thus inhibiting particle build up. Both of these features have been brought together in an optimized fashion in our new hybrid design.

The hybrid heat exchanger provides a large between-tube spacing, for free and unrestricted fluid flow. It allows intimate contact between the fluid and the hot or cold heat exchange surfaces, resulting in maximizing heat transfer efficiency.

Other add on optional features to this design assure the highest performance over the use life of Fluorotherm® Heat Exchangers. For details contact us at directly or on our website at


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