The Benefits of PFA Tubing |

The Benefits of PFA Tubing

For every job there is a tool, and when it comes to movement of viscous or aggressive compounds there's no better option than PFA tubing. PFA, short for Perfluoroalkoxy, is much like PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) in terms of properties and elemental makeup. PFA can be found frequently throughout many different laboratories and medical offices; but what makes this specific line of fluoropolymer tubing preferable over similar materials? From the macro to the micro level, these are the various reasons why PFA tubing is known as the "go to" material for thousands of professionals everywhere.

Temperature Stability

When working with chemicals, temperature is a parameter that comes into play more often than not. One test may call for a temperature as low as -10 degrees Celsius while another need be set at 150 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, many materials begin to corrode or crystalize at intense temperatures, but if any part of the system goes awry during a test the results may become skewed. Thankfully, PFA tubing remains stable within the range of -70 to 260 degrees Celsius.

Pressure Resistance

After temperature, pressure is often the second concern when judging the usability of containers and tubing. Safety is always important when handling potentially hazardous materials, and nothing provides better protection than PFA tubing. The high quality material promises excellent stress-crack resistance, even under extensive amounts of force. Despite the extreme resilience, the material can still be melted and molded for increased usability and convenience.

Low Coefficient of Friction

Sometimes even the smallest impurities in design can cause friction within a tube or container, causing errors and faulty results during tests. Due to the specialized formula that comprises PFA tubing, you can rest assured that the minimum amount of friction will need to be accounted for. Likewise, as the surface of each tube is hardly porous only the most miniscule amount of materials will become absorbed when being transferred.

Good Electrical Properties

Aside from liquids, PFA tubing can also be used as a cover for electrical wiring. Thanks to its high level of heat resistance and low absorption qualities, it makes for the perfect cable coating, valve linings, and insulating bushings. Any fear of leakage, melting, or damage can be absolved with the proper application and use of Perfluoroalkoxy. Also, long portions of tubing can be produced for a relatively low cost, making PFA both effective and cost efficient.

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