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A Look at Common Uses for PFA Tubing

PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) tubing is a type of fluoropolymer tubing that many industries make wide and diverse use of. We can think of PFA tubing as a combination fluoropolymer that combines the strengths of both PTFE and FEP tubing, allowing users to leverage the attributes of both fluoropolymers. Because PFA tubing was specifically created as an improvement to existing fluoropolymer tubing, many companies see PFA as an advanced tubing option and particularly favor it when projects require chemical inertness and high temperature use, as well as melt processing. Among its many applications, many often find PFA tubing to be an effective alternative to stainless steel tubing. Though PFA tubing can be a more expensive option when compared to other forms of tubing, its unique advantages are well worth the cost for many companies.

How is PFA tubing commonly used?

Pharmaceutical Applications

When quality control is of the utmost importance, as it is in the pharmaceutical industry, companies must rely on tubing that preserves the purity of materials. For example,  ultra-purified water in transport via resin tubing must be able to remain chemically pure throughout its journey; PFA's inertness to chemicals, including other dangerous contaminants that could be found in a lab, like sulfuric acid, make it an unparalleled choice for meeting high quality standards. For pharmaceutical companies that do require the frequent use of highly corrosive materials like nitric or phosphoric acid, PFA tubing will be able to easily withstand their otherwise damaging properties.

Biotechnology Systems

PFA tubing has also been used in many different ways within the biotechnology industry, including in fermentation labs involved in biotechnology research and development, where tubing made from PFA is used to transport materials between storage units and fermentation containers. PFA's clear exterior allows biotechnology technicians on the floor to more accurately monitor the flow of materials, check for back-ups or deposited materials, and quickly remediate.


Food and Beverage Processing

uses for PFA tubingPFA's ultra-high purity grade levels also make it a logical solution for food and beverage processing. When manufacturing companies need sanitary piping systems to transport foods and liquids, such when bottling water, rather than relying on traditional stainless steel tubing, many are turning to PFA for heightened peace of mind. With PFA tubing, companies know piping systems will remain sterile, prevent the accumulation of particles, and retain integrity in temperatures of up to 500F.

Semiconductors and Microelectronic Devices

Both semiconductors and microelectronic device manufacturers also rely on PFA tubing for the same reason pharmaceutical companies and research labs do: its ability to preserve the purity of process fluids. Ultra-pure solvents are critical for these applications, and PFA's extreme chemical resistance in combination with its exceptionally low level of extractables ensure that trace amounts of contaminants won't ruin yield levels.

These comprise just some of the many applicable industry uses for PFA tubing. Learn more about PFA tubing, and how its specific technical features could be of use to your company, by exploring our site.

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