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PFA Tubing Makes a Great Difference

Are you on the lookout for the perfect tubing material to assist in experiments involving highly corrosive materials in your laboratory? If you are tired of relying on cheap plastic tubes that deteriorate quickly and bring impurities to your work, perhaps PFA tubing is what you need. Perfluoroalkoxy is a type of fluoropolymer that is…
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Simple Safety Reminders for Laboratory Work

One of the first things most people learn about when they get into a field requiring lab work is how to keep themselves safe. Whether you’re a medical student or work in a chemistry laboratory, potential hazards are always present. While being aware of dangers in the lab might seem like preparation enough, there truly…
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Answers to Common PVDF Questions

Polyvinalidene Fluoride Tubing, or PVDF for short, is a versatile and extremely dependable product that is perfect for many different jobs. However, as with any other tool on the market, it works best when utilized properly If you are interested in using PVDF Tubing for your company’s projects, it may be helpful to understand many…
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