Could Fluoropolymers Be the Future of the Common Bandage?

  NASA is working on a new type of bandage that can dramatically increase recovery time for those who are wounded. Most people know that blood flow is essential to the wound healing process. Heat is one way to increase the amount of blood flow to the skin. However, in many applications, access to warm…
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Hybrid Frame Heat Exchangers

At Fluorotherm™, we have big things coming for the New Year. 2016 was a great year for fluoropolymers, PTFE tubing, and heat exchangers. Our new hybrid heat exchanger was one of our most exciting new products, and we hope you inquire about one in 2017 if you're looking for a better heating and cooling solution.…
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How Fluoropolymers Are Being Used in Cardiac Procedures

  Your three main coronary arteries are responsible for bringing blood to the heart. When they start to become blocked, it can weaken the heart and eventually lead to a heart attack if the blockage isn't addressed and there isn't enough blood supply to the heart.  On the left side of the heart, there are…
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