Insights into PVDF Innovations

At Fluorotherm, we're continually inspired and excited by new innovations; in fact, we're always pursuing new applications and uses for our products and find that the rise of emerging industries like green technology holds limitless possibilities for innovators. Our work with fluoropolymers, which are known for their unique properties and exceptional versatility, makes us well-positioned…
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Considerations for Selecting a Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchangers are essential components for companies throughout numerous industries, as their heating and cooling properties are required of countless processes. Whether used for petroleum refining or an HVAC system in an expansive manufacturing plant, shell and tube heat exchangers are critical applications for the heating and cooling of liquids. Unlike immersion…
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Fluoropolymer Products: An Overview

Fluoropolymers are used in a vast array of industries and specific applications, and while this is primarily due to fluoropolymer's unparalleled properties, it's also due to its ability to manifest as a variety of products. At Fluorotherm, we're able to accommodate our commercial customers with diverse fluoropolymer options to ensure that all systems and applications…
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