How Fluoropolymers Are Being Used in Cardiac Procedures

  Your three main coronary arteries are responsible for bringing blood to the heart. When they start to become blocked, it can weaken the heart and eventually lead to a heart attack if the blockage isn't addressed and there isn't enough blood supply to the heart.  On the left side of the heart, there are…
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Four Benefits You’ll Experience When You Go Solar

  If you live in a residential neighborhood, go outside for a moment and take a look from one end of your street to the other. You'll probably find that at least several of your neighbors' homes will have solar panels on their roofs. You might even have them yourself. Five years ago, this probably…
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Why You Need To Upgrade To PTFE Tubing

PTFE is one of the most versatile fluoropolymers on the market and has a tremendous amount of applications that can be utilized in so many different industries. If you're using another type of compound or material, you need to look at the advantages that PTFE tubing offers. Read on to learn more about the benefits…
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